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Breastfeeding is Special...

Breastfeeding is a special time for Mom and Baby to share the opportunity to form a lasting bond.

Breastfeeding is a time for peace and serenity.

Don't miss out on this special monent because of the pain from difficulty latching.

Infant Frenectomy revision can help make this a reality for YOU!

Infant Frenectomy- What is it? ?

Tongue Ties and labial (upper lip ) ties.

There is a little band of tissue under the tongue that is connected to the floor of the mouth. Labial ties hold the upper lip down.

It is very common affecting about 2% of all babies. 

Tongue Ties restrict the tongue from moving forward and Labial Ties restrict the upper lip from moving freely.

BABY can't latch! OUCH! Sore nipples! Under-nourished, cranky baby!

Miserable MaMa!

Doc H has a  simple, fast, predictable instant solution with highly predictable results.

The sooner the revision occurs, the better. Doc H has seen kids as young as 7 days!  Lasers are our favorite instrument to quickly free the tongue and lip of the damaging effects of the frenum on infants.

What Happens After the Frenectomy? What are the benefits?


Immediately Baby's tongue can reach under Mama's Nipple and Baby's upper lip can latch above the Nipple, comfortably.

Baby is well nourished, natural and healthy-BODY-MIND-SPIRIT

Mama and Baby bond and experience joyful peace and serenity.

Additionally, baby's growth and development is NOT hampered by being tongue tied.
Benefits include speech development, straighter teeth, growth and size of the jaws which gives more room for the tongue to help reduce breathing and sleep disorders.

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Our Team


Dr. Howard J Hoffman has been practicing dentistry since 1974. U. of Maryland Dental School, The Ohio State University, Undergrad, and Lynn University for Master's degree.

Absolutely NOTHING regarding Infant frenectomies was ever mentioned in dental school.

As a matter of fact, I never even knew that there could be a solution to a problem that I didn't know existed. (I believe tat this holds true with the omission of infant frenectomies and breastfeeding not being taught).

Enlightenment came with the birth of my nine year old grand daughter, Saffi Pearl, about 9 years ago. Daughter in law, Jill, gave me a lesson which led to the start of my Tongue Tied Infants therapy journey. (Note: Jill is into a healthy, natural lifestyle. She has a booth at the Yellow-Green Market selling healthy "kid safe" products like Bodhi's Brew and Saffi's _____, as  well as honey, Kombucha, and other delicious natural things).www.BohdisBrew.com 954-270-9913

It seems like I have been doing oral surgery and using lasers "forever", so it was easily incorporated into the practice.

I did most of my learning at courses put on by the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. Other members became mentors.

This topic fit right in with my special interest in growth and development of the jaw, along with function of the musculature of the head and neck and how it affects the TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) and Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

It starts with Mother- Baby nurturing, nutrition, heredity, life events, and what we do or don't to influence an ideal environment for a healthy life ahead.

The way our bodies function and how we are able to influence our loved one's growth is so very exciting.

It is truly a privilege to help so many kids and moms.

Thank you !  DocH


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Is Baby able to latch and suckle well? 

Is it painful to nurse?

Are you getting bruised?

Is Baby getting nourishment? Gaining weight?

What does ia TONGUE or LIP TIE look like?

Click below to check out photos of different tongue ties.

Is it painful?

No. We use a small amount of anesthetic. Nerves in this area are oftentimes not developed yet.

Post op there may be swelling.

IF there is discomfort, follow your physician's recommendations regarding use of any medications, including children's Tylenol.

What do we do at home post op?

Home stretching exercises.

We will show you and review home stretching exercises. There is a tendency for reattachment of the frena. This can be minimized with home  stretching exercises for a few minutes a day.

Is this covered by my insurance?

It depends. Every Policy is Different.

This is a Medical Procedure. Any coverage would be through your major medical policy.

Bring your insurance card with you.

We will fill out insurance forms for you, so you can be reimbursed as per your policy.

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